Job Background: Administrative Support Services for Training Centre

Employer provide life support training courses to improve clinical skills, patient care and safety, they run over 40 different health care and training courses and activities supported by 700 trainers.

Each week, the employer conduct more than 40 separate, face -to-face training courses which equates to around 768 training places. The number of healthcare and other individuals who receive training grows year by year.

Staff is needed to resolve current issues and further development planning.

Current services, key support requirements and specification

  • Training Services
  • eLearning Services
  • Resuscitation Training Services
  • Clinical Skills and Simulation services
  • Quality & Performance

Employer estimates that personnel will work 5 days / week (7am -3pm) are needed to support this function. Contract for 1 year

1- Course evaluations and consolidation reporting all employer courses conduct user evaluation at the end of the course. all evaluation are collected, collated reported and stored. there are around 35 courses a week.

2- Course preparation team covering – Venues, Equipment, Catering, Badges, paperwork, etc.

3- Course registration administrative support for local and international courses

4- Scheduling team covering

5- Help desk team covering enquiries and telephone operators

6- Secretarial support

Skills required

Service provision requires skilled data entry operators with good experience using MS Excel and outlook. English language skills are essential as all documents are in English. Attention to detail is essential as planning and operational decisions may be based on the submitted reports.

Essential Education

High school Certificate

Diploma in Business or above

Essential Experience 3 years in Administrative or Clerical activities


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