Roles and Responsibilities

Responsible for successful installation, commissioning and thereafter operation of a carton manufacturing unit, that will produce various types and sizes of cartons to be used in retail and wholesale FMCG industries and pharma units. Only people experienced in carton manufacturing unit will be considered, others do not need to apply.

Need to have experience of working in dedicated capacity, specializing in a single machine or class of machines as well as in maintenance and quality control issues.

Job specific duties and responsibilities:

  • Profit Centre head.
  • The job involves selection, installation, commissioning and operation of a greenfield carton manufacturing unit.
  • Solid technical knowledge: the machinery, production process, quality control, cost control and resource management.
  • Day to day, planning, operation and control of the production system
  • Manages and controls the production process in a profitable way
  • Manages and controls the machines technical health and fix them.
  • Ensures that the raw materials, labor and machinery are intact for a smooth and sustainable production and distribution flow
  • Works diligently in defect investigation/defect rectification and Implementation of corrective and preventive action.
  • Ensures the quality of the raw material, work in-process and final product.
  • Manage and coordinate with a team of machine operators, packing and storage workers.
  • Train more machine operators in the factory
  • Makes sure that the machines warming time and down time are well managed.
  • Checks and monitors the technical and mechanical fitness of the machines
  • Ensures that the machine hours are well administered.
  • Cleans, Greases and overhauls the machines on a well scheduled time frame.
  • Manages and controls the production process
  • Performs other duties assigned to him by his superior

Desired Candidate Profile

Only candidates with work experience in a dedicated capacity in unit producing cartons need to apply/ will be considered.

The candidate should specialize in a single machine or class of machines. He should have Knowledge of safe machine practice standards, Physical agility, Technical ability, Ability to read blueprints, understand machine manuals/ production schematics, experience in attending and acting on remotely instructed maintenance works is necessary, Ability to keep up machinery, Ability to do small to moderate repairs on machinery, Experience working with the said machinery, Specialized training with said machinery, Certification in operating said machine normally required, Experience and having the right credentials .

Ideal candidate must have exposure to JIT/ KAIZEN / SIX SIGMA environment in a reputed secondary packaging material manufacturer.

Great people management skill.

Should be willing to work in Angola.

Education and experience

First degree in Mechanical or electronic Engineering with at least 15years of experience in carton manufacturing industry.


Diploma in similar field of education with at least 20 years of experience


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