Telecom Technician 

Perform BSS and MW installation. Installation and Maintenance Work related to fiber, GSM, MW and DC Power system
100% success in completion of MDTs
EHS, QC tasks using ISDP
QEHS, BTS 2G,3G Swap
Completing EHS and QC tasks using ISDP, usage to be 100%

Required Candidate profile

Installation of Huawei BTS (3900, 3900L, 3900A) Huawei RTN including RTN310, MW (including XPIC and SD links) Trouble shoot XPD and RSL values, Perform MW cutover, DN/MR. Connectivity on RTN and BBU


Perform tower climbing for telecom related activities on Mobile Telecom sites
Outdoor installation/dismantling for both RBS/TRM.
MW Link’s installation and alignment.
Perform rectification/Pre-PAT activities
QEHS, Material Handling

Required Candidate profile

Familiarity with winch, rope and block hoisting
Installing telecommunication towers, antenna and transmission systems and installation on towers, roof-tops and other structures

5+ years experience

Fardeen Ansari

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