We have an opening for Automation Engineer

Exp: 5 +Years

Location: Dubai

About Company: Dubai Based waste management company

Kindly Note: Candidates has to manage their own expenses, the company will help for 15 days with food and accommodation

Should have a valid passport

Job Description:


Excellent computer skills particularly in programming and software development. Many

aspects of the role of an Automation Engineer require the use of a computer

Equipment troubleshooting skills as you will often need to debug or troubleshoot an existing


Communication skills will need to be able to explain novel and complex ideas to stakeholders

of all levels and within multidisciplinary teams. Written communication skills will also be needed

for record keeping and documentation, a key part of these regulated industries

Problem-solving and creative thinking will be required to troubleshoot problems as they arise

and find effective solutions

Organisational skills to map out projects, prioritize workload and keep accurate


Flexibility & Adaptability has to be able to keep up with latest techniques and technologies as they develop


Identification of new opportunities for automation within the manufacturing process

Management of a project team

Designing new automation equipment or processes

Simulating and testing these processes or equipment to ensure they function as desired

Writing reports for senior colleagues outlining new concepts, testing outcomes, and ongoing

efficiency Programming new automated components to the manufacturing process

Developing and maintaining clear and accurate documentation of automation equipment or

processes Staff training where necessary typically after implementing new processes or equipment, or making changes to existing ones

Troubleshooting automated processes or equipment when errors occur


Minimum of 5 years Industrial experience in manufacturing process automation or any other

waste management treatment plants


+91 8591200368

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