The role incumbent is responsible to develop and take a lead role in delivering an employee engagement and retention strategy for the organization including communication, and overall well-being for employees. The incumbent will work with HR Heads and Business Partners to create an organization wide employee well-being and engagement strategy and be responsible for developing a survey process and metrics that will enable the organization to track employee engagement progress

Key Responsibilities

1. Engagement strategies and Surveys

  • Creates a comprehensive and sustainable employee engagement and well-being strategy
  • Works with Unit HR Business Partners, COEs and Shares Services to develop strategies and demonstrable links between engagement and the strategic goals
  • Works with external partners, HR Leadership, and human resource managers to design, deploy, and evaluate effective and efficient engagement surveys
  • Help managers to determine the links between engagement and outcomes such as turnover, healthcare costs, grievances, and job satisfaction
  • Work with cross-functional teams to identify unique division/location needs while balancing the overall purpose and requirements of the employee engagement strategy

2. Strategic Initiatives and Collaboration

  • Strategically collaborates and builds relationships across functional divisions, corporate entities, and key external stakeholders
  • Develops employee recognition strategies by reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations for the departmental recognition programs

3. Employee Engagement Metrics

  • Use employee engagement metrics such as personal growth, well-being and relation with peers, relation with managers, recognition, wellness etc. to ensure that employees are engaged at work and maintains strong relation with managers
  • Identifying and implementing metrics to measure performance in these areas and to develop action plans and objectives to continuously improve

5. Reporting

  • Reports statistical information that shows progress towards KPIs

6. Other Responsibilities

  • Participates in ongoing analysis of key data identifying trends
  • Ensures that employee engagement reduces employee attrition and improve the ROI

5+ years experience


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