Optica is East Africas largest and leading optical retail business that provides high quality and affordable eye care. The products and services provided by Optica include comprehensive eye tests, prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. Optica is on an exciting journey of growth to become Africa’s leading optician

Human Resource Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensuring the maintenance of all HR and payroll data is up to date
  • Reviewing and revising HR policies in compliance with changing or new legislation.
  • Guiding and assisting in the development of KPIs and targets for all departments so can have a fair and measurable method of gauging performance
  • Developing personal policies, maintaining and updating policy manuals as well as employee handbooks as needed.
  • Identify staff vacancies and recruit interview and select applicants.
  • Collecting ongoing information regarding satisfaction of employees on salary packages and wage, working conditions, etc.
  • Conducting new employee orientation programs and other educational and training programs on changes in benefits, diversity, etc.
  • Allocate human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel.
  • Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, and opportunities for promotion and employee benefits.
  • Plan, direct, supervise, and coordinate work activities of subordinates and staff relating to employment, compensation, labor relations, and employee relations.
  • Receiving employee complaints and acting accordingly to resolve them.
  • Defining the learning strategy and recruitment, setting high standard principles, and providing likely solutions. Providing pragmatic and consistent guidance and advice to managers on the grievance, attendance, disciplinary, and performance issues.
  • Raising proactive issues with managers, identifying practical solutions to complex and diverse HR issues, and recommending appropriate action plans.
  • Compiling and managing case management documentation, accompanying and supporting managers.
  • Briefing new employees on the policies and procedures of an organization in conjunction with the development and learning team, providing coaching to managers on difficult and complex issues.
  • Represent the organization at personnel-related hearings and investigations.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Male Candidates with Bachelor or Master in HR degree
  • A versatile HR professional with HR generalist exposure. Hands-on experience with performance appraisal execution is preferred.
  • Retail chain experience will be an added advantage.
  • Candidates who are willing to relocate to Kenya can send the application.

Perks and Benefits

  • Salary + Housing, transport, inpatient medical cover and return air ticket every two years

Merchandising Manager

We are seeking a highly-skilled merchandiser with experience in the retail industry to use data and merchandising best practices to take our in-store customer experiences to the next level.


  • Maintaining optimal levels of stock and SKUs at all times in all branches and warehouses for all product categories
  • Creating and maintaining SOPs for branches for the best product mix so customers have the best experience
  • Monitoring and evaluating branch stock movement, stock holding for decision making
  • Product selection and layout mapping for existing and new branch openings
  • Introduce and manage merchandising reports to all stakeholders e.g. Branch Managers, Merchandisers, Management, etc.
  • Maintain accurate classification of products so data used is correct
  • Taking charge of internal stock transfers, moving products to other store branches if needed, or removing obsolete items.
  • Handling and solving branch inventory queries
  • Monitoring slow sellers and suggesting action to be taken
  • Working closely with retail staff and department heads to display products to maximize visibility, and to ensure the agreed display is being followed
  • Keeping up to date with market trends and new developments and utilizing the information to present creative ideas

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Merchandising professional with experience in retail merchandising. Ideal candidate to have optical merchandising experience.
  • Bachelor or Master Degree that is Merchandising related
  • Should have 5+ Years of experience in Merchandising

Perks and Benefits

  • Salary + Housing, transport, inpatient medical cover and return air ticket every two years

Retail Operations Head

Roles and Responsibilities

In Summary direct, Supervise, and coordinate the overall clinical and business operations for the organization. Participates in the development and administration of policies on business operations and planning, with the main focus on inbound and outbound flows for the central warehouse and all branches


a. Receiving Department

b. Stores

c. Control Room

d. Workshops

e. Packaging

f. Overseas

g. Imports Purchasing

h. IT

1. Leadership

a. To provide effective and inspiring leadership by being actively involved in all the departments, developing and sharing a broad and deep knowledge and understanding of each department.

2. Strategy

a. To actively participate in creating a vision, establish and follow a planned path

b. To manage strategic planning with management and operational team on key issues, its implementation, and resource allocation in the least time and best cost-effective solution.

c. To share recommendations on business decisions to shape the long terms goals of the organization.

d. To review periodically the company's overall strategy to respond to changing business conditions.

3. Policy Management

a. To translate Corporate Vision and Strategy into organization policies, directives, processes, and methodologies. Providing strategic leadership and direction to the above departments.

b. To create a roadmap of growth, assuring planned revenue & profitability delivering the measurable, cost-effective result.

4. Operating System Architect

a. To establish organizational structure among the departments and operating systems and process flow to ensure achievement of the goals.

b. Ensure appropriate systems, processes, and performance management arrangements are in place to deliver a consistently high-quality level of service provision and activity report and monitor achievement.

c. To define desired process flow, goals, and achievement of these goals to the team and reiterate the same message throughout the departments.

d. Ensuring an Assembly like flow and all team members are present and doing their work well.

e. Looking at the best cost-effective way of delivery of our orders and also day to day running of the departments

5. Ambassador

a. To establish relationships with external service providers that are involved in the day-to-day operations this includes courier companies, security firms, local authorities, clearing agents, etc.

b. To work with the department heads and supervisors to ensure they are delivering results and goals of the departments are being met.

6. Operations Management

a. To establish, implement and manage smooth day-to-day operations for all departments.

b. To ensure all SOP is being followed day to day and operate consistently.

c. To bring efficient and effective systems and relationships to increase productivity

d. To manage operations of the company in ways consistent and aligned with strategic goals and performance targets

e. To ensure all departments are working as a team with the goal of

i. Timely delivery of orders to all customers

ii. Timely replacement and delivery of replacements to all branches

f. Ensuring the Production line at the Workshop is fully utilized and maximum output is being achieved from the workshop.

7. Inventory Management

a. Ensuring all Warehouses have 100% accuracy of the stocks matching the SAP/ Stock cards with physical stocks

b. Random Stock checks to be organized to check if the accuracy of stocks

c. Quarterly stock checks for all departments to be done where the entire stores are being counted to confirm the stocks.

d. Ensuring all critical products, reorder levels are kept and maintained, and adjusted during peak and off-peak seasons.

e. Ensuring timely reorders are placed for all stock items such that no item is going out of stock.

8. Imports

a. Ensuring the Imports Departments, regulatory authorities approval, and licenses are in place all the time.

b. Find the cost-effective and best method for bringing in our goods in the least time and least cost.

c. Ensuring all documents are being checked by Imports for 100% accuracy and nothing wrong mentioned which can create a problem with Customs and other Regulatory authorities for clearance of our goods.

d. Maintaining relationships with existing suppliers.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Prefer Male Candidates with Bachelor in engineering (any type) with MBA
  • Must have 10 years in operations (of which 5 years to be in managerial position)
  • Operations professional with experience managing and improving systems, processes, controls, and teams.
  • A preferred candidate who has worked at a retail company where there's a central warehouse and multiple retail branches.
  • Optical industry preferred.
  • Good understanding of Excel.
  • SAP B1 experience is advantageous.

Perks and Benefits

  • Additional benefits - Housing, transport, inpatient medical cover and return air ticket every two years

Email: hr@optica.africa, Kush@optica.africa

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