- Head of Operations & Supply Chain requires a minimum of 5 years full time working experience or in the case of MBA graduates, a minimum of 4 years full-time working experience. In this role, you would be a key member of our Indonesia Management Team.

- Your responsibility would be leading our Operations & Supply Chain Division comprised of 15+ local Indonesian professionals. Our Operations & Supply Chain Division fulfills the following role in our Indonesia business:

- Managing 3 key teams: Management, Training, Recruitment A. Supply Management Team - This team responsible for all aspects of our existing supply chain comprised of our massive driver community and trucking partners.

- Activities center around retention, engagement, education, new service and product rollouts, quality control, and investigation of incidents.

B. Supply Training Team - This team is responsible for the training of new drivers and trucking partners with our digital training and activation platform. Some offline trainings for specialist projects and bespoke initiatives are also managed by this team.

C. Recruitment Team - This small team is a vendor acquisition team that focused on acquiring trucking companies to our platform. Activities include hunting, pitching, supplier development, and terms negotiations.


- Ideal age range 26-30

- Full-time work experience as described above

- Track record of demonstrated success as a manager, tactician

- Prior experience in a technology environment a must

- Prior experience in logistics and transportation a plus

- GPA of 3.3 or higher in undergraduate studies a must

- Masters degree not required but welcome to apply

- Overseas work or substantial exposure is required

- Fluent English required

Email: resume@talentstack.in, jessica@talentstack.in

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